My Background

I’m a native Texan, born and raised outside of Houston in a town called Katy. I didn’t travel much growing up, but in 2009 I studied abroad in Milan, Italy through an exchange program at The University of Texas at Austin. The six months I spent in Europe impacted my life tremendously and spurred my insatiable desire to travel. Needless to say, the man that left for Milan all those years ago never really returned…

Life in New York City

In 2011 I graduated with a degree in finance and landed a consulting job in Manhattan. It was a childhood dream of mine to live in the great New York City, but I quickly discovered spending 60+ hours a week in a cubicle, traveling for work Monday through Thursday, and working weekends was not the way I wanted to spend my life - something needed to change.

I was ready for a new challenge, so in 2012 I began saving every penny I could and planned a year-long trip across the world. My family and friends didn't (and still don’t) understand why I did this, but for the first time since college, I knew exactly what I wanted to do in life.

Tello’s Travels

After years of saving and preparation, I finally departed the US on an excursion across the world from Portugal to Japan with nothing more than a backpack. I have no reservations, no itinerary, and no idea what lies ahead, but I've never been more excited. I look forward to sharing all of my adventures and hope that my stories inspire you to travel as well. I am here to prove that you don’t need a fortune (or even a working knowledge of foreign languages) to see the world. All you need is a healthy dose of curiosity and the understanding that not all who wander are lost.